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Some reviews from our clients

Some reviews from our clients.

Marjie Martini

“Kemi has done body work on me for over 10 years, every time I leave her table, I feel like a better more improved version of myself. She just intuitively knows exactly where I need to be released. Her lymphatic work is amazing and has helped me so much in reducing my inflammation. She is the real deal when it comes to healing. ”

Caitlin Pescitelli

“I met Rebecka when I was in Sayulita in February 2020. We worked on craniosacral and shamanic healing. It was great and mind-opening to the things I experienced in the past that I didn’t know about. It answered questions and brought puzzle pieces to areas where I thought there was a gaping hole. There were questions I didn’t even know I was asking about myself and my life and experiences – I feel like those were answered. It felt like she brought the answers and the questions came up to me and I realized – oh yes, that’s the answer! I worked with a therapist while working from Rebecka and it was a well-rounded form of doing the work.”

Dimitri Giraldo

“I met Rebecka in a group sound bath session where I realized I wanted to work more with her. I felt very connected with her the first time we met. There were different moments when she connected me with different bodies (physical, mental, emotional). In the end, she not only understood what I had to heal but also how to process and heal it at the same time. I allowed myself to experience something new. I was able to understand mentally what I needed to heal. I felt physical how my body was more open. I would highly recommend to those who haven’t done this before to try it. For me it was safe. You also have to feel connected with the person.

Erin Heydenreich

Great staff, super convenient location right in the center of town. Got my results back quickly and easily. Communication was clear and they were quick to respond. Definitely recommend these guys!

Honeybee Henderson

Thank you 88 Degrees. From the moment I walked in the door, I knew you were my people to support my health! Thank you for your professionalism and care – from the office staff to the nurses and the doctors…each caring for the health of me and my family. From Easy & Quick Covid tests, to vitamin infusions, to deeper support to renew my health. SO grateful for you all ! Gracias Amigos…

Patty Rozvel

Thank you 88 Degrees for an easy and pain free test, I was worried it was gonna hurt because in the past I’ve been hurt and I was so traumatized, so, I was very surprised when the nurse explained me the process of the testing and I only felt a little tickle, I was in and out in less than 5 minutes and got my results within 2 hours. I’m very grateful 🙂