Get back in the game: $2,200 MXN/ $110 USD

  • Description: Are you hungover? Jet-lagged? Dehydrated? Had to much sun and not enough sleep. This IV is our magic bag it will rehydrate, decrease inflammation, reduce nausea, boost your energy, clear the foggy brain and detox your liver. Just in time for happy hour!
  • Ingredients: B12, B6, Multi Trace Minerals.
  • Benefits: This IV is #1 seller, it gives you hydration, decreases inflammation, reduces nausea, boosts your energy, clears the foggy brain and detoxes your organs.
  • Trace Minerals: Trace Minerals: give metabolic benefits like energy utilization, boost your metabolism, improves mood and brain fog.
  • B6: for body to store and use energy more efficiently.
  • B12: for metabolism, energy and mental clarity.

Rescue me: $1,500 MXN/ $75 USD

  • Description: Feeling run down? Going on a flight? Got a big action-packed weekend. This IV gives your system everything it needs to stay super healthy.
  • Ingredients: Vitamin C, Zinc, Selenium, L-arginine (magnesium).
  • Benefits: This IV is perfect for the person who has Covid/Dengue or any really bad flu or cold and wants a quick recovery without the long lingering side effects.
  • Vitamin C: For immune system and tissue repair.
  • Zinc: for immune system, metabolism and healing.
  • Selenium: is a powerful antioxidant that fights oxidative stress and helps defend your body from chronic conditions, such as heart disease and cancer.
  • L-arginine: good for reducing high blood pressure controlling blood sugar in people with diabetes, heart disease and treating erectile dysfunction.