Why 88 degrees?

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Why 88 degrees?

Why 88 degrees?

What is the difference? Awareness of health . . . Freedom of fear.

We do not want to “Fix” you. If you want the quick fix, we are not your people.

We want you to “Live Life” invest in your health and live large for a long time. Due to the recent world changes Health and Wellness is now YOUR choice.

The medical system and governing bodies of health are failing society so know it is up to each individual to decide how they want to maintain their body temple. It is each person’s choice what to put in their body temple.

Let us consult with you on how to live your live . . . healthy, free of fear, grounded in the belief that whatever this “insane world” presents to you . . .your body, your mind, you as a person will be resilient, healthy and happy.

This is our mission; we know it is a big torch but all we can do it try. We have three mantras to help keep us sane

“The reward for patience is more patience”

“Forgive the mistake, learn the lesson”

“You can lead a man to tequila but you can not make him drink”

In health and happiness

Marjie Martini