On point: $2,400 MXN/ $129 USD

  • Description:Need a little boost, to get you going? This IV packs a few essentials that help keep your brain and body running smoothly. Think of it as a little tune-up in an IV bag.
  • Ingredients: Glutathione, Cysteine, Glycine (VIT C).
  • Benefits: This IV is perfect for anyone who wants to hydrate and give themselves more energy and mental clarity.
  • Glutathione: for reducing oxidative stress and improving liver function.
  • Cysteine is a non-essential amino acid important for making protein, and for other metabolic functions. It’s found in beta-keratin. This is the main protein in nails, skin, and hair. Cysteine is important for making collagen.
  • Glycine: amino acid/powerful antioxidant. Glycine helps your body make glutathione, an important antioxidant that protects your body against cell damage.

Immunity Pro: $2,750 MXN/ $145 USD

  • Description: Feeling run down? Going on a flight? Got a big action-packed weekend. This IV gives your system everything it needs to stay super healthy.
  • Ingredients: Trace minerals, magnesium, thiamine (B1).
  • Benefits: This IV is perfect for the person who wants to prevent the cold, flu, covid, allergies, or anything that will weaken their immune system.
  • Trace Minerals: give metabolic benefits like energy utilization, boost your metabolism, improves mood and brain fog.
  • Magnesium: for nerve and muscle function, mood, natural relaxant.
  • Thiamine (B1) used to convert food into energy, it helps with fatigue, irritability, loss of appetite, nerve pain/inflammation, muscle weakness’.