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Hormone imbalance can start in both men and women as early as 35 years old as our natural hormones start to decline around the age of 28. Due to the increase in stressful lifestyles and the early supplementation of pharmaceutical hormones, more men and women are discovering in balances in all their hormones which can cause thyroid and adrenal l issues plus many other health problems. I

Hormone imbalance can cause the following symptoms:

Mood swings/PMS

Memory loss

Foggy brain, headaches, sleep issues. Trouble concentrating

Low sex drive, lack of motivation

Joint and muscle aches, lack of muscle mass, long recovery time after exercise

Dry skin and hair

Hot flashes, night sweats, heavy sweating.

BHRT is not to be confused with the HRT of the past which was, pharmaceutical hormone treatment. Alternatively, all BHRT supplements are derived from plants to match your bodies natural hormones. They are produced in a compounding pharmacy and are generally provided in a cream, capsule, or pellet form (which is placed under the skin). BRHT can be prescribed for both men and women, it is highly effective for women over the age of 35 who are experiencing any perimenopause or menopause symptoms.

Dr. Perez specializes in Bio Identical Hormone replacement, and it is based on an in-depth consultation combined with hormone testing where he can evaluate your hormone levels and develop a protocol to bring your body back into balance.

BHRT Consultations: $900 mxn/$45 usd. Treatment prices vary $1000+ mxn/$50+ usd per month


This test via a hair sample evaluates the changes to your genes and DNA sequence due to age and the impacts of environmental factors/irritants on the body. Such as: heavy metal toxins, parasites, fungus, EMF’s, medications, diet, food allergies, environmental toxins and life style stressors. This intensive report combined with our Doctors assessment and protocol will give you a detailed blueprint of how to detox your system and rebuild your immune system allowing you to get you back on the right track to life long health and wellness

Hair sample test/Doctors evaluation $3000 mxn/$150 usd

Marjie Martini

“Kemi has done body work on me for over 10 years, every time I leave her table, I feel like a better more improved version of myself. She just intuitively knows exactly where I need to be released. Her lymphatic work is amazing and has helped me so much in reducing my inflammation. She is the real deal when it comes to healing. ”

Honeybee Henderson

Thank you 88 Degrees. From the moment I walked in the door, I knew you were my people to support my health! Thank you for your professionalism and care – from the office staff to the nurses and the doctors…each caring for the health of me and my family. From Easy & Quick Covid tests, to vitamin infusions, to deeper support to renew my health. SO grateful for you all ! Gracias Amigos…

Patty Rozvel

Thank you 88 Degrees for an easy and pain free test, I was worried it was gonna hurt because in the past I’ve been hurt and I was so traumatized, so, I was very surprised when the nurse explained me the process of the testing and I only felt a little tickle, I was in and out in less than 5 minutes and got my results within 2 hours. I’m very grateful 🙂