Aesthetic Services


At 88 Degrees we pride ourselves on offering only the very best services and products for healthy aging. We believe if you are going to inject anything into your face or body you will want that service provided by a person who is highly skilled and with products that are of the top notch in quality. All our injectable services are ONLY provided by licensed Doctors, which is the law in Mexico. All our doctors have over 15 years or more experience with facial injections and have studied extensively in the lines and muscles of the face and neck. Our doctors also encourage preventative aging during your consultation. Talk with our doctors and find out the most natural and effective way to age gracefully.

All our injectable products are the same name brand that you will find in the U.S or Canada. However, we only use the highest-grade products from each manufacturer.

Skin Solutions for Face/Hair

P.R.P. Facial: Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) uses your own blood rich plasma to boost the collagen and elastin production of your face and neck. It will plump your skin and reduce wrinkles. It can be targeted into specific areas via injections or used all over the face/neck via microneedling. This facial is an amazing preventative in the aging process and a great natural alternative to Botox and fillers. It can also be used in conjunction with minimal Botox injections to keep the face looking young and fresh.

Recommended 3 to 4 sessions over 3 to 6 months. Once completing 4 sessions are completed, effects can last up to 6 to 8 months.

$4000 mxn/$225 usd* per session

 Collagen Boosting Facial with microneedling and growth factors: Growth factors or stem cells for your skin give you a huge boost in collagen production, combined with micro-needling, which is a safe non-laser treatment which tightens and firms the face and neck while decreasing fine lines and wrinkles.  This combination gives a more youthful appearance, it also helps also helps improve the appearance of scarring, hyperpigmentation, and mild rosacea.

Recommended 4 sessions over a 4 to 8-month period. Once 4 sessions are completed effects last up to 6 to 8 months.

$3450 mxn/$191 usd*per session

L.E.D Lighted Opera Mask: Is a non-invasive way to preventative aging. The world renowned ‘OPERA’ LED face mask is a low-level light therapy LED facial mask that utilizes 3 wavelengths to provide a multitude of skin rejuvenation treatments to the face and neck. The mask increases collagen production, blood circulation, and oxygen levels. This improves the skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles, tones, and tightens. This mask is also extremely effective for acne and rosacea.

Recommended 12 sessions over 4 weeks. Once 4 sessions are complete effects last 6 to 8 months.

$500 mxn/$25 usd* per session. 12 session packages $5000 mxn/ $250 usd*

Hair Rejuvenation (men/women): Is your hair getting thinner around the hair line or in the crown on your head. Stop the thinning and stimulate new hair growth. Using growth factors (stem cells) and microneedling the hair follicle is stimulated and new hair growth is experienced. Men and women notice thicker hair and more hair growth in thinning areas.

Recommended 4 sessions over 4 months.  Once completing 4 session effects last up to 6 to 8 months. Specific shampoo/conditioner/serum is recommended post treatment.

Hair results last approx. 6 months and then one follow up session is recommended.

$3450 mxn/$191 usd* per session.



 Botox/Dysport: is injected into facial muscles to temporarily decrease wrinkles, creating a youthful appearance and anti-aging prevention.  It is most often used to decrease wrinkles between the eyebrows, forehead lines and crow’s feet. Facial results typically last 3-4 months.  The number of units are depend on age, gender, and desired results with an average of 20-55 units

Botox: $160 mxn/$8.50 usd* per unit  Dysport: $145 mxn/$8 usd* per unit

Dermal Fillers

For Lips: Dermal lip injections allow your lips to return to their youth by giving shape and returning the plumpness from your 20’s! It helps smooth creases and adds enough volume to create beautiful contour.

This is a quick procedure, with numbing cream applied for comfort, with a goal of creating a beautiful and natural smile!

For Cheeks: As you age, collagen loss causes the skin to pull down creating jowls and dark, tired circles under the eyes. These injections lift the cheek bones that have naturally flattened with age due to bone loss, collagen loss, and sleeping patterns, by also lifting up the jowls helps to provide beautiful contour and symmetry of your face and reduce the naso-labial folds. This treatment will give you a mini face lift and leave you feeling brighter and younger.

Facial results last 8 to 14 months. We only use the highest-grade fillers from:

Restylane $6650 mxn/$369 usd* per syringe

Juvederm $7475 mxn/$415 usd* per syringe

Volbella $8750 mxn/$486 usd* per syringe

PB Serum Neck Enzymes: This treatment is perfect for that stubborn “turkey neck” that you can not seem to get rid of. The serum is a combination of lipase, collagenase and hyaluronidase which destroys the fat cells located in the neck and then it retracts the tissue and defines the facial/neck shape. The enzymes help the cells from storing fat and also breaks down existing fat cells, this is a great solution for the jowls and the tightening of the neck area.

Recommended 2 to 3 times per year. Neck results last 3 to 6 months depending on the neck area.

$5345 to $6995 mxn/$296 to 388 usd*

**USD prices subject to change based on exchange rate**

Are you thinking that you might need a little bit more then a facial or a filler? Then book a consultation with our specialist in plastic surgery, Dr. Toscano. He will give you the best options for how to feel better about that area of your body that has always bothered you.

Marjie Martini

“Kemi has done body work on me for over 10 years, every time I leave her table, I feel like a better more improved version of myself. She just intuitively knows exactly where I need to be released. Her lymphatic work is amazing and has helped me so much in reducing my inflammation. She is the real deal when it comes to healing. ”

Caitlin Pescitelli

“I met Rebecka when I was in Sayulita in February 2020. We worked on craniosacral and shamanic healing. It was great and mind-opening to the things I experienced in the past that I didn’t know about. It answered questions and brought puzzle pieces to areas where I thought there was a gaping hole. There were questions I didn’t even know I was asking about myself and my life and experiences – I feel like those were answered. It felt like she brought the answers and the questions came up to me and I realized – oh yes, that’s the answer! I worked with a therapist while working from Rebecka and it was a well-rounded form of doing the work.”

Dimitri Giraldo

“I met Rebecka in a group sound bath session where I realized I wanted to work more with her. I felt very connected with her the first time we met. There were different moments when she connected me with different bodies (physical, mental, emotional). In the end, she not only understood what I had to heal but also how to process and heal it at the same time. I allowed myself to experience something new. I was able to understand mentally what I needed to heal. I felt physical how my body was more open. I would highly recommend to those who haven’t done this before to try it. For me it was safe. You also have to feel connected with the person. ”