The Big Bags


Fit and Fabulous: $2,200 MXN or 4 Pack $8,000 MXN

  • Description:Burn Fat and Build Muscle. This IV is a perfect add on to you weekly work out routine.
  • Ingredients: L-Arginina, Glutathione, Vitamin C, Carnitina
  • Benefits: L-Arginina, Glutathione, Vitamin C give cell rejuvenation and muscle recovery. Plus a boost of carnitina for fat burning and more energy and mental clarity.
    For best results this IV is sold in a 4 pack/4 week protocal
  • Vitamin C: for immune system and tissue repair.
  • Glutathione: for reducing oxidative stress and improving liver function.
  • L-arginine: good for reducing high blood pressure controlling blood sugar in people with diabetes, heart disease and treating erectile dysfunction.
  • Carnitina: fat burning, boost metabolism and increases energy

Marjie’s Mixta: $2,200 MXN

“Aging gracefully is bullshit, aging is aging and it hurts, aches and feels like shit! I believe there is no such thing as “anti-aging”! If you want to age with vitality, clarity and enthusiasm then the only thing you can do is replenish your body and mind with the vitamins, minerals and natural ingredients that our hectic and stress-full lives have depleted us of. Put back what you have lost then you will feel fabulous! The best part of aging . . . seriously is gaining experience and wisdom! Let’s keep all that and replenish the rest” MM

Description: This is for the person who wants to do it all and gets it done with ease! Plus, has a really good time along the way!
Ingredients: B Complex, zinc, magnesium, glutathione, ornithine
Benefits: This IV is perfect for anyone who wants it ALL! Energy but also balanced calmness and clarity. Boosting your metabolism and reducing inflammation. Plus a few glasses of wine and a good night’s sleep.

  • B Complex: for mood regulation, and healthy hair, skin and nails.
  • Magnesium:for nerve and muscle function, mood, natural relaxant.
  • Zinc: for immune system, metabolism and healing.
  • Ornithine: is for improving athletic performance. It is also used for weight loss, wound healing, and to increase sleep quality.
  • Glutathione: for reducing oxidative stress and improving liver function.



extra fluid and more vitamins and minerals



  • 500ml Extra Bag: great for dehydration $200  
  • B complex: energy booster $40 mxn per ml 
  • Vitamin C: For immune system and tissue repair. $40 mxn per ml
  • Zinc: for immune system, metabolism and healing. $36 mxn per ml
  • Glutathione Boost: for reducing oxidative stress and improving liver function  $50 mxn per ml 
  • Magnesium: for nerve and muscle function, mood, natural relaxant $30 mxn per ml 
  • Sodium Bicarbonate: electrolyte to help body maintain ph balance, good for reducing stomach acid, indigestion, heartburn. $21 mxn per ml 
  • Selenium: is a powerful antioxidant that fights oxidative stress and helps defend your body from chronic conditions, such as heart disease and cancer. $60 mxn per ml 
  • Trace Minerals: Trace Minerals: give metabolic benefits like energy utilization, boost your metabolism, improves mood and brain fog. $50 mxn per ml 
  • Melatonin: reduces stress, headache reducer and sleep inhancer $173 mxn per ml 
  • DMSO: to treat painful conditions such as headache, inflammation, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis $50 mxn per ml 
  • ALA: alpha lipolic Acid: anti-oxident, good for skin, memory and weightloss $120 mxn per ml 


medications...when you need them



  • Toradol (anti-inflammatory for head/body)$400 mxn  
  • Omeprazol (acid reflux) $400 mxn per ml 
  • Difenidol (anti-nausea)$400 mxn per ml 
  • Hioscina (anti-inflammatory for stomach pain) $400 mxn per ml