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Diego Navarro Healthy aging Doctor

Dr. Diego uses a combination of complementary and emergent therapies plus alternative and western medicine in his therapies. His intention is to help you understand the root of your symptoms, and at the same time use complementary therapies to improve your physical and biological body to the optimal conditions. This includes making a life changing program to allow you to improve your health and lifestyle

In his practice:

​Dr. Diego will analyze your previous medical history, lifestyle, including mental health and emotional traumas. With this information he is able to make a personal protocol for his patients, this way he can give the best treatment to a single problem or go for a long-term treatment to improve your health and aging process.

Dr. Diego has treated over 4000 patients in the past 12 years. He opened Medbio in Punta Mita in 2010 and has a thriving practice.

Specializing in healthy aging
Sayulita / Punta Mita Mexico