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Do you feel overwhelmed? Is that little girl inside of you, dying to shine? Is your body temple exhausted and in constant discomfort?

Do you want to feel good inside and outside? These retreats are designed to detox your mind, body and soul in a gentle, safe and supportive environment.

We have 2 upcoming dates for our exclusive Goddess women’s retreat in Sayulita, Mexico. Located only 45 min from Puerto Vallarta

Upcoming Dates: January 27th to 31st 2023 and April 21st to 25th 2023

Booking/More Info: Please email: or whatsapp + 52 322 213 2513

**first 3 women to book for each date will receive a beauty boost package valued at $275 usd/see details below**

Experience the “Inner and Outer Goddess” Retreat

How: In this retreat we strive to access each woman’s inner feminine power, her inner goddess. Thru a customized cleansing protocol developed with the specialized team from 88 Degrees Integrative Wellness. We cleanse the body physically and mentally. This cleansing protocol is combined with energetic healing and therapies plus interactive self development and soul work. This combination further cleanses the body emotionally and spiritually. Once the cleansing is complete, we then balance all areas of the body and this allows the inner goddess to radiate outward. The transformation is magical, creating a woman who is clear and connected to her inner feminine and radiants strength and beauty outwardly as she stands in her true feminine “Goddess” power.

Where: Rancho Poco y Poco, is a lush and beautiful space filled with palm trees, tropical flowers and singing birds nestled next to the river, it is only 10 min from the beach. The grounds are peaceful and nurturing for the soul. You can lounge by the sea salt pool after yoga or have an afternoon nap in a hammock. You will find yourself never wanting to leave this incredible sanctuary.

What is included: lodging (double/single rooms available, details below), yummy healthy food, yoga, mediation, workshop and ceremonies. Plus, health/beauty treatments and airport transfers. Fun, laughter, sisterhood, new friendships all included at no extra charge!

Health/Beauty treatments: included

Doctors’ health consultation (virtual call prior to arrival)

Epigenetic test/evaluation: Is the study of the changes to your genes and DNA sequence due to age and environmental factors (Diet, exercise, medication and environmental toxins). Includes detox protocol and take home vitamin/mineral protocol for continued health improvement.

Wellness coach evaluation included a take home program

IV therapy: Prescription Detox IV

IV therapy: Skin Glow IV

Vitamin/Mineral wellness bag upon arrival

Collagen Boosting Microneedling Facial with growth factors: stimulates collagen production reduces fine lines/wrinkles and plumps the skin.

Opera LED Mask: smooths skin texture, reduces redness, fine lines/dark spots

Lymphatic Drainage Massage or Craniosacral Therapy or Chiropractic/foundation Therapy (treatment selection based on health evaluation)

Ceremonies/Classes: included

Astrology reading

2 yoga classes (yin and vinyasa flow)

Belly dancing class

Foundation/Core stabilization class

Soundbath session

Breathwave session

Ceremonies: cacao/sunset/rebirth

Workshops: included

Embracing your inner goddess (history of the goddess and interactive exercises on how to access the inner goddess)

Embracing and Honor your feminine power: how to connect to your kundalini and harness your feminine energy in an ego based/masculine dominated society)

Creating Energetic Balance: (aligning the chakras with each person emotions and creating an energetic balance between the body,mind and spirit. (2 sessions)


Add on Treatments/Therapies

Health/Soul Treatments:

Craniosacral Therapy $120 usd/hour

A gentle, hands-on approach that energetically re- aligns your spine, neck and head. It balances your entire system, relieves anxiety and promotes calmness.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage $120 usd/hour

Helps flush the lymphatic system of toxins so that healing can happen on a cellular level, excellent for reducing inflammation, scar tissue, and surgery recovery.

Chiropractic/Foundation Therapy $120 usd/hour

An expert assessment by Jacqui a 25-year Canadian Chiropractor and trainer of Foundations. She will assess your spine and structure, give minor adjustments and give you a take home plan with strengthening exercises.


Healthy Aging:  Body/Skin Solutions:

BHRT: Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy: Consultation $50 usd/hour Treatment: $50 to $75 (creams/capsules) $300 to $450 (pellet) *lab tests additional*

Hormone supplementation that creates metabolic balance derived from plants to match your bodies natural hormones. It is recommended for men and women over the age of 40 years old.

P.R.P. Facial: use your own blood rich plasma to boost the collagen production of your face and neck. Plumps skin and reduces wrinkles. Natural alternative to botox/fillers $188 USD

Botox/Dysport: $6.25 to $7.00 per unit/USD

Fillers: Restylane/Juvederm/Volbella) $292/$325/$437 USD

Hair Rejuvenation (men/women): growth factors (stem cells) to stimulate the regrowing of your hair. $150 USD

Plastic Surgery consultations with Dr. Toscano (Top Surgeon from Guadalajara).


Beauty Boost Package (for the first 3 women to sign up for either Jan or April) Valued at $275 USD

Baby Botox (15 units)

I.V. Boost with glutathione

Craniosacral Therapy

Vitamin/Mineral Skin support bag



Hacienda: double occupancy rooms with 2 single beds and bathroom or single occupancy room with king bed with private bathroom

Villa: luxurious room with king and private bath, villa include private kitchen, lounging/relaxation areas.

$2588 per person 4 people per room (hacienda/shared room) *only 1 room available*

$2888 per person 2 people per room (hacienda/shared room) *only 3 rooms available*

$2988 per person 2 people per room (villa/shared room) *only 1 room available*

$3288 per person 1 person per room (villa/private room) *only 2 rooms available*