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Chill out your body and mind, spend a weekend in Sayulita and give yourself some time to relax and rejuvenate.

Enjoy a yoga class, paddleboard or early morning surf, then relax by the roof top pool. Intertwine your weekend with

I.V. therapy, massage, craniosacral therapy and beauty and skin treatments to make your feel amazing on the inside and radiate on the outside.

You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated by the time you are ready to leave but also you will look younger and more vibrant. A little time away with the team at 88 Degrees will transform you into a New You!

 Book the exclusive 88 Degrees

It includes:

  • 2 nights accommodation at the Sayulinda Hotel located in the heart of Sayulita
  • Hydration/Immune Boosting I.V. (boost immune and helps skin glow)
  • Collagen Boosting Facial with microneedling and growth factors (plumps skin and reduces wrinkles
  • L.E.D Lighted Opera Mask (reduces redness, fine lines and smooths skin)
  • Botox/Dysport 15 units (reduces fine lines without removing expression)
  • Craniosacral Therapy Session (calms nervous system and reduces anxiety)


  • Lymphatic Massage (helps with detoxification)
  • Complimentary Doctors Consultation (for overall health analysis)
  • Vitamin/Mineral Package (10 day take home package for immunity plus hair/skin supplements)

Regular Price: $18 382 /$920 usd

Special Price: $13 980 mxn/$699 usd

**based on availability/blackout dates Dec 23rd to Jan 5th 2023/April 1st to 16th 2023**

To Book: call 88 Degrees for details and booking

Add On’s

BHRT: Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy:

Hormone supplementation that creates metabolic balance derived from plants to match your bodies natural hormones. It is recommended for men and women over the age of 40 years old.

Craniosacral Therapy

A gentle, hands-on approach that energetically re- aligns your spine, neck and head. It balances your entire system, relieves anxiety and promotes calmness.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Helps flush the lymphatic system of toxins so that healing can happen on a cellular level, excellent for reducing inflammation, scar tissue, and surgery recovery.

Healthy Aging Skin Solutions

P.R.P. Facial: use your own blood rich plasma to boost the collagen production of your face and neck. Plumps skin and reduces wrinkles. Natural alternative to botox/fillers


Fillers (Volbella/Resylane/Juvederm)

Hair Rejuvenation (men/women): growth factors (stem cells) to stimulate the regrowing of your hair.

Plastic Surgery consultations with Dr. Toscano from Guadalajara.

All activities are optional, you may hang out by the sea salt pool at the hacienda or go explore the fun festive town for some retail therapy.

Our goal is to make this an amazing adventure with priceless memories to elevate your happiness.